A Good Luck Letter to All the State Test Takers Out There…

When I woke up this morning and headed for work, like many others in some way impacted by the world of modern New York State education reform, I wondered how new regulations regarding state testing will ultimately affect students over the next course of days.

As educators (whether it be in the classroom, home, or community), we often think about the choices we are making. Are we truly measuring and predicting student success? Are we really holding one another accountable? What, if any, methods can be used to accurately measure academic growth? What constitutes “academic growth”?
It seems unlikely that definitive answers will be given to us any time soon. In the meantime, good luck to everyone out there. Whether you’re a teacher–like me–biting your nails away, a kid in true need of a confidence boost and jump starting breakfast, or a parent just waiting, wondering, and perhaps even on the fence, you’re in my thoughts.

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