The Writer's Dilemma

To anyone who has ever struggled to create something meaningful,

It’s to you with whom I address this very short letter. I write this as I come closer to the year anniversary of when I started my current (first, and only) novel. Over 24,000 words later, I still find myself plugging away, creating a story that seems to take me down different long and winding avenues, directions, each time I come back to it. The world of self-publishing is not an easy one!

This year has been filled with many ups and downs, some questionable moments, but still I come back to this work. Even during moments when I begin to fill with self doubt, somehow I find my way.

Creating this blog has allowed me to not only showcase my own work, but become exposed to the countless talented other writers, photographers, DIY-ers, and just about every “er” you can find! I just hope that as I continue to persevere through my own creation, everyone out there continues to produce, post, and share such inspiring work.

This began somewhat as form of my own self expression, but ended as a thank you letter.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of our Friday.

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