Why Photography?

In our digital age where we are empowered to discover just about anything we could possibly imagine with just a few taps from our fingertips, why photography?

For me, there’s something about the experience of waiting for the image to come to me. If you watch very closely, mind open and ready, you will capture the pure beauty of just about anything.

It’s about looking at the ordinary from a different angle. Not being afraid to take a chance. Knowing that for every fifty shots, maybe four or five will actually strike you, and being OK with that.

How about you?

6 thoughts on “Why Photography?

  1. I took up photography because I wanted to capture the moment and wanted to keep it and look at it from time to time. I wanted to remind myself that not everything is just black and white. A lot of people have this “black and white mantra” in their heads, I want to show them the other side of it. I hope that someday I will succeed. Your page is very nice, loving the photos so much 🙂 keep going and thumbs up!


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