Why Photography?

In our digital age where we are empowered to discover just about anything we could possibly imagine with just a few taps from our fingertips, why photography? For me, there's something about the experience of waiting for the image to come to me. If you watch very closely, mind open and ready, you will capture … Continue reading Why Photography?

Welcome Poetry Month!

This morning as I prepared my classroom for the day, delighted in my coffee and pretzel croissant (yes, they're making those now), I suddenly realized: it's poetry month! Those of us in the teaching community, especially the lower grades, love taking this opportunity to celebrate with something called "Poem in Your Pocket." The simple gist is encouraging … Continue reading Welcome Poetry Month!

Recent Photography

Truth be told, I don't know a whole lot about photography. Aside from the distant tales of relatives past (apparently both my grandfather AND great-grandfather were fantastic photographers), I don't know much beyond "point and click." Nonetheless, when a very close friend of mine passed not too long ago, I found myself unexpectedly left with … Continue reading Recent Photography