Search for Wellness

As I approach writing the second half of my novel (or perhaps novella; is it really a good idea to keep it wordy if the story has been resolved?), I've been somewhat grappling with the three-directional pull to either go really "out there," keep it simple, or try to create something that'll be a hit. … Continue reading Search for Wellness

Passage (For Purple Rain)

Unexpected loss changes us.  We find ourselves in the depths of introspection, facing our own mortality--looking for answers, solutions, or even a simple story to tell. In many ways we are the authors of our own personal novel, whether we wish to seize every precious moment granted to us or not. In reflecting upon the … Continue reading Passage (For Purple Rain)

Welcome Poetry Month!

This morning as I prepared my classroom for the day, delighted in my coffee and pretzel croissant (yes, they're making those now), I suddenly realized: it's poetry month! Those of us in the teaching community, especially the lower grades, love taking this opportunity to celebrate with something called "Poem in Your Pocket." The simple gist is encouraging … Continue reading Welcome Poetry Month!