Search for Wellness

As I approach writing the second half of my novel (or perhaps novella; is it really a good idea to keep it wordy if the story has been resolved?), I've been somewhat grappling with the three-directional pull to either go really "out there," keep it simple, or try to create something that'll be a hit. … Continue reading Search for Wellness

"Girls", The Bystander Effect, and Appearance Versus Reality

One can say many things about the HBO series Girls; after all, its cast, writers, and story lines have all been the subject of heated debate, immense accolades, and typical Monday morning banter. Aside from one of its more obviously bold moments executed within last night's first five minutes, the latest episode titled "Hello Kitty" provocatively … Continue reading "Girls", The Bystander Effect, and Appearance Versus Reality

Recent Photography

Truth be told, I don't know a whole lot about photography. Aside from the distant tales of relatives past (apparently both my grandfather AND great-grandfather were fantastic photographers), I don't know much beyond "point and click." Nonetheless, when a very close friend of mine passed not too long ago, I found myself unexpectedly left with … Continue reading Recent Photography