Passage (For Purple Rain)

Unexpected loss changes us.  We find ourselves in the depths of introspection, facing our own mortality–looking for answers, solutions, or even a simple story to tell.

In many ways we are the authors of our own personal novel, whether we wish to seize every precious moment granted to us or not. In reflecting upon the passing of game-changing artists like Prince (or even, not too long ago, David Bowie), we are forced to examine our own direction.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll ask myself those hard hitting questions such as: “Am I being my best person?” “What can I give to this world?” “How can I reach as many people as possible, while maintaining the authenticity of my own unique voice?”

As we reflect upon these questions, remember those we’ve lost, and even take a little time to celebrate Earth Day, let’s not forget to be thankful–and hopeful–about ourselves and all of our possibilities.


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